garden in a bottle



This conceptual garden represents a discarded bottle floating towards the shore. Far from being a depressing piece of pollution, it has a bright and appealing garden growing inside it. Its message is simple – We can all take action to help prevent plastic pollution – whether in our own gardens, or in the vital urban green spaces in our towns and cities, and around our canals and rivers. Created from iron, the bottle contains a variety of plants selected for their vibrant colours and beauty to represent the positive message that we can all do something to help.
Surrounding the bottle is a sea of flax plants – chosen for their graceful blue flowers and swaying seed heads, but also because they represent the huge number of plant species that are used to make natural alternatives to plastic.

It is supported by the Canal and River Trust, and also by local environmental group REAP and MURA technologies Ltd. 

To be constructed by FirstLight Landscaping 

You will be able to see the garden at the show from 5th to 11th July 2021