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pond with stepping stones


We are very proud to announce that the CONTEMPORARY WILDLIFE GARDEN was the WINNER for DESIGN in the ProLandscaper Small Project Big Impact Awards 2020!


This small, awkwardly shaped suburban garden overlooked by

surrounding houses was redesigned following the construction of a new extension
with a huge picture window.

The owner’s dream was to look out onto a fabulous, ever
changing view with a large pond and the prospect of visiting wildlife.

The design uses interlocking rectangles of pond and paved areas to fit together
around the extension. These are the shapes that define the structure of the
garden. Dark fencing allows the planting to stand out and makes the garden feel
larger and the generous planting blurs the boundary and disguises the awkward
shape of the garden.

The owner loves wildlife but in such a small garden a formal
style of pond worked much better. However it has shelves for planting and a set
of ‘wildlife steps’ so that visiting hedgehogs and other creatures can easily
climb in and out and take cover in the lush planting nearby.

Plants by the window were chosen to represent a meadow and
from the house the pond is viewed through a veil of tall grasses and flowers
that dance in the sunlight.

Elsewhere there are cottage garden perennials, fragrant and
aromatic shrubs, climbers and perennials, to complement the existing apple tree
and berries. Bees, Butterflies, Dragon flies and other insects bring the whole
space to life in summer, there are suitable plants to provide nesting material
for birds and small mammals and of course there are hedgehog holes in the base
of the fence to allow these prickly characters to come and go safely.

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